Manhattan Bridge — Passing Trains

New York street photography short. Traveling across the Manhattan bridge by train and looking out the window as the trains pass each other.

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Manhattan Bridge Subway Crossing

The subway ride is mostly underground. Several routes to Brooklyn go above ground to cross the Hudson river.  There is a lot to see inside and outside.

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NYC Street Fair Food — Down Home Southern BBQ

Street fairs pop up in different neighborhoods in New York City all summer long.  If you need tiny plastic bananas or another pair of tube socks you’ll find it.  There are also surprising exceptions.  On a hot Saturday in July, I came across genuine down home slow smoked BBQ — smoking grill and all!

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Lytro Camera — The Game Changer

Last week, June 21, Lytro announced a new type of camera.  They describe it as a light field camera that captures the scene without focus. Take the picture and decide what the focus is afterwards. The camera will be about the same size of a point-and-shoot.  The images created are in a proprietary jpg format designed to be viewed interactively on-screen, using HTML5 and Flash. The format can also be exported to a standard jpg to create a print.

When the camera is delivered the price is expected to be in the consumer camera range.

The creative potential is huge! Check out

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